The Group’s operations are divided into four operating segments: Postal and Business Services, Financial Services, Insurance Services and Asset Management, and Other Services, which are managed by dedicated Group functions and/or companies.

The organisation is also based on two distribution channels for retail customers, on the one hand, and business and Public Administration customers, on the other. These channels operate alongside a series of corporate functions responsible for policy, governance, controls and the provision of services supporting business processes.

The organisational model, which ensures the development of synergies within the Group as part of an integrated approach to operations, is applied via governance and operating models, characterised by:

  • coherent and integrated management of the Group, ensuring a uniform and coordinated approach to the market, whilst taking into account the central importance of customers and exploiting potential synergies, as well as assigning responsibility for coordinating subsidiaries to the relevant functions within the Parent Company according to business sector;
  • an organisational structure focused on core businesses: mail and logistics, payments and financial services, savings and insurance;
  • Corporate functions capable of ensuring, through coordination and integration of their respective areas of expertise, coherent fulfilment of their assigned roles at Group level and the provision of shared services closely aligned with business needs, thus ensuring efficiency, economies of scale, quality and effective support for the different businesses.