The first Integrated Report of Poste Italiane Group

Just one year on from finalising our “Deliver 2022” Strategic Plan, we are proud to present the first Integrated Report of Poste Italiane Group. The Integrated Report is the first tangible result of a new way of doing business that involves the entire organisation.

Sustainability has a key, aggregating role in this process. For Poste Italiane, being sustainable means, above all, defining a single Group strategy which brings together financial and operating objectives within a clear vision of environmental, social and governance issues (the so-called “ESG” - Environmental, Social and Governance). 
We believe that the integration of sustainability targets within the Group’s business processes is necessary in order to deliver sustainable performance over time, reduce the risk profile and act in line with the principles of integrity and transparency. 

Integrity, ethics and transparency represent the key values around which Poste Italiane has built its identity. These basic principles form the basis for the way we conduct our business which, by its nature, depends on creating trust and on the responsible management of relations with all our stakeholders. For this reason, we have effectively boosted our Anti-corruption System, becoming the first Italian company in the financial and communications sector to obtain the ISO 37000:2016 certification.

With regard to external relations, we have decided to reconfirm our support for local communities by establishing 10 commitments to small towns. We have promised 3,000 mayors that we will implement practical solutions for the development of their areas, aimed at guaranteeing the continuity and availability of services, access to infrastructure, digital transformation, security and the transfer of expertise.

Turning to environmental concerns, given the size of our organisation and of our geographical footprint, we are aware of the impact that our activities can have on the environment. For this reason, in addition to disseminating a culture of environmental protection, we have launched a series of initiatives designed to make our real estate assets and logistics activities more green-friendly, by, for instance, promoting the efficient management of our energy consumptions and the use of alternative energy sources.